There are only so many blogs one can read on wine and cheese pairing, so we figured why not write a blog on pairing wine with the 2017 eclipse? Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, on Monday, August 21st will be the first total solar eclipse in the lower 48 in many decades. Seeing a full solar eclipse is supposed to be one of the great experiences of a lifetime. We cannot say for sure if this is true as we’ve never seen a full eclipse.  But much like drinking a 1961 Château Palmer (something we haven’t done either), we’ll take the experts’ word that this will be amazing.

Being wine drinkers, we figured we should open up some good bottles of wine for the eclipse. Now take our pairing recommendations with a grain of salt as we’re just basing the pairing on what we’ve read about the upcoming eclipse.

  • Red_Cap_Vineyards_Sauvignon_Blanc_10KBottlesEclipse Pre-gaming: Sauvignon Blanc. Why should a Sauvignon Blanc go well with the start of the partial eclipse? Because almost everywhere that has good viewing for this eclipse will be sunny in the heat of summer when the eclipse starts. So, let’s drinking a refreshing summer wine. Not to mention, the acidity will go well with the worry that one lone cloud might ruin the show.
  • Partical Eclipse Begins: Pinot Noir. As the sun gets mostly covered, the temperature will begin to drop, making a Sauvignon Blanc to light of a wine for the weather. Considering the anticipation of joy, what’s better than the sweet delicacy of a Pinot Noir.
  • Totality:  Cabernet Sauvignon. Assuming we’ll be able to keep our eyes off of Chateau dyqueme_10KBottlesthe covered sun for long enough to pour a glass of wine, a somber, dark, and profound experience calls for a somber, dark, and profound wine. Totality lasts for two and a half minutes in the best spots, a minute and a half where we’re going, so unless you open and pour the wine ahead of time, this may not work.
  • After the Totality:  Sauternes. To celebrate the sweetness and perfection of the experience, as the sun returns and the atmosphere warms again, what would be better than a Sauternes? And, if a lone cloud spoils the experience, what better wine to drown out the sorrow?

Tomorrow, the two of us and the kids drive up to Minatare, Nebraska for the eclipse. Assuming the cell towers aren’t too overloaded from the influx of visitors like us, we will update on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s say hello to wine and goodbye to clouds, as we prepare for one of the most amazing phenomena humans can experience. And, let’s raise a glass and look towards the sun (with authentic sun viewing glasses of course).

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