With Memorial Day right around the corner I thought it appropriate to write a blog post on something a little more than just wine. As I mentioned is my previous blog post, Why the Story Behind the Wine Matters, I believe that the stories behind the winemaker and the wine impact how we feel and enjoy wine.  So, I’d like to introduce you to Tim and Kate Burgess of Rally Point Wines.

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Kate, a West Point graduate, is a former UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot. Tim, who served in Kuwait, spent over 10 years in the military before following his passion in the world of wine.Rally Point Wines

Rally Point Wines, the winery they created, is based in Sonoma, with their wines largely coming from Russian River Valley and Sonoma Valley. They currently make four varietals – three whites (a Chardonnay, a Marsanne-Rousanne, and a Viognier) and one red (a Pinot Noir). Their Chardonnay is yummy, with a hint of butter, but not enough to be overwhelming; and their Pinot reminds me of many of the other Pinots coming from the Russian River Valley, thicker, richer, than the normal Pinot, and it is also slightly smoky.

Kate wanted to tell their story and how they show their respect to the soldiers interred there. Click To Tweet


Kate Karwan BurgessAs if one passion project, wine, is not enough for someone, Kate has a second one that brings me back to the Memorial Day theme. Kate, a professional photographer, is currently wrapping up a long term project called Rendering Honors: The Daily Sacrifices of the Old Guard Soldiers. In 2004, she took her very first visit to Arlington National Cemetery. Inspired by the perfection-driven soldiers who honor those laid to rest at the cemetery, called The Old Guard, Kate felt their story needed to be told. She wanted to tell the story of these soldiers, what they do, and how they show their respect to the soldiers interred there. The book is nearly complete – the pictures are stunning and the story she tells is both compelling and educational. Kate plans to self-publish the book and will be launching her Kickstarter campaign later this summer. For additional information on the project, to see more images, or to sign-up for newsletter updates, visit Rendering Honors.

So, in celebration of the day when we honor and remember those who have died in active military service, I encourage you to open a bottle (or two… or three) of Rally Point Wines. I’d love to hear what wines you plan to open this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.

Kate Karwan Burgess


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