Sonoma, California | SRP $32 | Click HERE to find a selling location near you | Bottle provided as a sample for review


A non-Chardonnay lover’s Chardonnay – elegant with just a hint of oak


Do I like it?

  1. Would I drink a glass of this wine? Yes!
  2. Would I drink a bottle? Yep – in fact I did!  I was ‘training’ for a bachelorette party the following weekend.  So I literally drank the whole bottle – to train.
  3. Would I buy a second bottle? Yes, yes, yes.
  4. Would I buy a case? Yes, enthusiastic yes
  5. Is this wine a game changer?  Would I call up all my wine friends and tell them they have to try it? Absolutely.  Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of Chardonnay.  Normally, I try it, but there are a lot out there that I can’t stand.  I LOVE this wine.

Is it a good gift?

  1. If someone gave this wine to me, would I re-gift it to a non-wine drinker rather than drinking it? I’d definitely drink this wine myself.
  2. Would I give this wine to a friend as a gift? Yes, this is a fun fun wine.  Love every second of it.
  3. Would I give this wine to a wine snob as a gift? Yes I would.  It doesn’t carry with it some fancy schmancy name, but it is an amazing wine – especially for $32.  All wine lovers should discover it.
  4. If someone brought this wine to a party, would I be excited? Yeah, absolutely! (ahem, hint, hint)
  5. If someone who is an ass brings this wine to my party, is it so good I’d overlook their personality, and invite them again? I don’t know if I would go that far, but I will say I would be impressed.  Guthrie is a super tiny producer with great wines.  Yes, their wines also are at a great price, but most importantly the wines are GOOD!  Look them up, buy some, thank me later.

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