Lodi, California | SRP $30 | Click HERE to find a selling location near you | Bottle provided as a sample for review


A fun and fruit forward wine created by 4 wine bloggers


Cindy Rynning: Grape-Experiences | Melanie Ofenlock: Dallas Wine Chick | Nancy Brazil and Peter Bourget: Pull That Cork


Do I like it?

  1. Would I drink a glass of this wine? Yep
  2. Would I drink a bottle? Yep – in fact I did!
  3. Would I buy a second bottle? Yes, it’s a fun wine with a fun backstory.  Click here to find out more.
  4. Would I buy a case? Ummmmm maybe.  I wasn’t able to find the price of the wine anywhere… so I have no idea what it costs. For the right price, yes.
  5. Is this wine a game changer?  Would I call up all my wine friends and tell them they have to try it? Game changer might be a bit strong, but the backstory on this wine makes it a fun one to drink and enjoy.

Is it a good gift?

  1. If someone gave this wine to me, would I re-gift it to a non-wine drinker rather than drinking it? I’d definitely drink this wine myself.
  2. Would I give this wine to a friend as a gift? Yes, I would, especially if they follow any of the bloggers involved in creating it.
  3. Would I give this wine to a wine snob as a gift? Sure, especially if they follow any of the bloggers involved in creating it.
  4. If someone brought this wine to a party, would I be excited? Yeah, absolutely.  Fun wine, fun story.
  5. If someone who is an ass brings this wine to my party, is it so good I’d overlook their personality, and invite them again? Ahhhhh this might be pushing it a bit.

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